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STORY3 Capital Partners is a leading alternative asset manager focused on investing in the consumer value chain

STORY3 is led by veteran dealmaker Peter Comisar in his “third career story” after most recently working as a Vice Chairman of Guggenheim Partners and prior as a long tenured Partner at Goldman Sachs.

Over the past 30+ years, Mr. Comisar and the STORY3 team have been leading deal makers in the consumer sector across a broad spectrum of public and private transactions and served as trusted industry advisors to CEOs, boards, founders, and investors.

+  We select our opportunities narrowly and carefully enabling us to take a creative and custom approach to each company.

+  We only seek situations where the experience and capability of our team empowers the outcome

+  Our unrelenting efforts and support “create” compelling investments that would not exist without our capital and stewardship.


+  We build long-term trusted relationships with and investments in leading brands and concepts within our “3Cs” focus. We strive to be the leading “thought-partner” and capital provider in the consumer sector.

+  Our industry specialization allows us to be more thoughtful, creative and flexible. While we primarily seek to make investments ranging from minority investments to full control buyouts through our flagship private equity fund, we craft unique capital solutions driven by the specific opportunity.


+  With decades of experience and relationships in the consumer, commerce and content sectors we have an unmatched knowledge and capability within the middle market space where we seek to support differentiated brands and management teams.

 +  We believe being a value-added partner requires that we not only speak the industry language, but we live the trends, challenges and opportunities of our sector.


+  We leverage our long-standing and deep network of industry relationships to yield a unique slate of operating partner that are available to assist our brand partners.

 +  We have the flexibility within a small and targeted fund to incent world class operators to get heavily involved in our value creation strategies and execution.

 +  Our deep operational focus is centered on driving a strategic roadmap to an exit and creating catalysts to enhance growth and profitability.

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